Why Sabert’s Pulp Takeaway Packaging is a Game Changer

The latest trends in Foodservice show that there is an increasing demand for sustainable packaging solutions. Caterers and foodservice players are looking for packaging that gives a local, urban, artistic, ultra-fresh look to the prepared foods. Sabert’s 100% compostable range is a game changer because of its biodegradable nature, overall strength, functionality and appealing design. Packaging plays a vital role in helping food earn restaurant-quality credibility in both taste and presentation for any occasion.

Sabert’s molded-fiber pulp products are made of a sugar cane manufacturing by-product, called Bagasse, an abundant and renewable resource. In the food packaging sector, this natural cellulose is one of the best sustainable alternatives to plastic. It meets all requirements and is not in any way harmful to health. It is oven proof, microwavable and freezer friendly. Most importantly, it is 100% compostable (suitable for industrial and home composting) and rapidly biodegradable. It takes only 180 days to decompose 1 pulp platter.
Beyond their sustainable origin and sleek design, all Sabert products feature Recyclable PET lids which have been developed to ensure clarity, excellent stackability and leak resistance during transport.

Show customers you care about their social and environmental concerns with compostable packaging for a greener tomorrow. For more information contact Anchor Packaging on (02) 9697 2499 or email